Comet Cycle-Lending a Helping Hand in Times of Despair

The spread of the Novel Corona Virus (NCov19) brought the Philippines to its knees. Government hastily closed both public and private institutions and establishments, halting the public transport system and implementing quarantine protocols forcing most of Filipinos to stay at home. However, health workers are still required to go to work and help the government mitigate the growing numbers of the infected. It is no secret that even when our public transport is operational, commuting to work is already a challenge. Thus this pandemic presents a greater challenge to our health workers who doesn’t own their own mode of transport. Through the Lend a Bike Project headed by Mr. Carlo P. Carlon, Comet Cycle donated 15 units of bicycles to be distributed to various hospitals in the Metro to at least alleviate the problems faced by some of our health workers. Fifteen units is not much but Comet Cycle believes that by participating in these kinds of initiatives, other companies will be encouraged to join the campaign and assist our health workers who are in need because together we will beat CoVid-19.